Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 things that annoy me.............

If you asked my husband what annoys me the most, he would say "what doesn't annoy her".  I'm slightly extremely annoyed by little things.  I try really hard not to be, but some things just make no sense to me, or irritate me so much I just can't take it.  So, I've compiled a little list today of SOME of the things that I cannot stand.  In a totally random order.  Enjoy!  :)

1.  Tapping pencils, fingernails, ticking clocks, humming.......basically any stupid sound that has no purpose.  I will cut your fingers off and I'm not joking!  Ok, maybe I am, but don't do it!!

2.  Pretty designs on the toilet paper.  Really??????  You're wiping your ass with it.  Enough said!!

3.  People who don't say please, thank you, or in general just show any respect whatsoever towards people. 

4.  Knight (my7 year old) not flushing the toilet cause he thinks it's funny................NOT FUNNY.

5.  Joy Behar.....the annoying one from the view who thinks she's funny.  Really she's just bitchy. 

6.  LAZINESS!!!  Yeah, sometimes I feel like sitting on the couch all day watching mindless tv.  (And sometimes I do)  But when you're doing something/anything give it your all.  Don't half ass it and tell me how worn out you are.  Run a freakin marathon and then tell me how tired you are.  I'll actually listen to you then!!!!  And you can bet your ass that when I finish that half marathon in May, I'm going to tell EVERYONE how tired I am.  And how much I ROCK!!! 

7.  My husband driving on the wrong side of the road.  He does this.  Alot.  And at the exact point that we are going over a huge hill and you can't really see what's coming on the other side.  (I know you're reading this and I know you do it just to annoy me.)  I blame it on the fact that he doesn't ever leave here and normally this is his means of transportation.  Which he should stick to!!

8.  When someone calls you on the phone and then they sit there in silence.  F'ing say something or don't call in the first place!  I have something to say.  You freaking suck at carrying on a normal conversation!!

9.  This girl!  I religiously do her workouts and I STILL cannot find my abs.  "Six Week SixPack" my ass.  (I really don't hate Jillian I just want her body)

10.  This list annoys me!!!!  I just spent 20 minutes of my day writing about stuff that shouldn't matter.  Fun, but now I need to go make up those precious minutes of my life spent screwing around trying to brighten someones day.  

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  1. Im laughing at your list, which probably annoys you but I can just see Wade driving the wrong side of the road just to piss you off.