Sunday, December 25, 2011

Griswold Family Christmas......COMPLETE!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh...........(big sigh of relief) and I'm spent!  Another family Christmas is in the books.  Why does it always seem like it's a big freakin circus??  Christmas Eve we headed into Wade's grandpa's house to have a little get together and open presents with his mom.  Fairly low key cause his family is so small and it's pretty much us, the kids and his mom & her husband.  Kids opened presents, I drank wine and it was Merry!

Then the chaos began!  Good chaos though.  Just a shitload few more people at my mom's house.  Remember, the Greeks.  Only we aren't Greek.
Nine grandkids and 6 of them young, wild, and LOUD!!!  They had a wonderful time though and each got a remote control helicopter.  That we all agreed should stay in the boxes until we each got home to our own houses.  That is, all of us except my husband.  Who was more eager to play with them than the kids. 
Which explains the constipated look on his face at me when I told him to quit getting it out of the box...... :)  He loves me!  And showed his love with my 2 kick ass presents he got me this year!!  He ROCKS!!!
A new gun!  And some diamond earrings!!!  Can't get any better than that!  Whoop Whoop!!

We had a great time this year as always!  I had to get out of the house when everyone left and get a quick 2 mile run in.  Needed some fresh air and also needed to get my ass up and moving after stuffing myself beyond my limit! 

Oh, and my MIL got me a kick ass new soda machine.  All natural soda and tons of flavors to choose from.  She's subtly trying to get me to quit drinking diet pop cause she thinks it's going to kill me.  :)  Tried out the root beer flavor today and it's FABULOUS!  Her evil plan might just work!

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  1. A gun and diamonds....even though Im not much of a jewelry girl that sounds like a great Christmas to me!!