Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today's blog is gonna be a little different.  Cause today would have been DaNelle's 34th birthday. 
Here's a pic of DaNelle, myself, and both my sisters. (Obviously when we were in high school.)  We grew up with her, were college roommates, and the greatest of friends.  3 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A year later, she passed away.  While the special dates still make me sad, and I'll never understand why someone so great was taken so early in life, I now find myself thinking about the great memories made with her. 

In no particular order, here are a few things I will never forget.

Swimming in the tank out at her grandma's house with the goldfish, then hanging out in the basement sneaking whiskey.  :)

Her infectious smile and laugh.  

Her stories!!  She called me every morning around 10:00 and we'd talk till the guys came in for lunch at noon.  I miss those phone calls!

Playing foosball at the high school rodeo finals.

Going to the bar in college at noon and playing pool till closing time. 

Her obsession with NFL football.  Particularly the Chiefs.  I inherited her pink Chiefs beanie when she passed away.  I will cherish it forever!

Her hamburger cheesy dip!!!  I can never get mine to taste the same!

How she was the best mom in the world!!!

And finally, how hard she fought till the very end to beat that disease.  And how gracious, kind, funny, and caring she was in life and in death.

Someday they will find a cure for this awful disease!


  1. I'll never forget how she climbed the one panel set up (instead of going around it like I did) and broke her bone when we "ran" from Bill at a party we were at with Mark and Tory that we weren't supposed to be at! She never lived that one down.

  2. Bahahahaha......I had forgot about that!!