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Mama got her ass kicked by a 2" army man..................

This "guy" as a matter of fact!  Seems innocent enough.  Believe me,  they are stealthy little shits.  And they are everywhere in our house!  This one tripped me up on the stairs this morning and about knocked me right down them!

My oldest son has an obsession with the army.  We thought it was a phase.  Going into the 3rd year of this obsession, I'm hoping it's still a phase.  He talks army, watches army, plays army.  In Kindergarten the teacher finally had to tell him that he could only talk about army on the playground at recess.  The classroom was off limits.  I've done the same thing at home.  I try to limit the "talking" about it to a minimum of 35 hours a day...............Ughhhhh........I love it that he's so into things and really takes stuff seriously (when he wants to).  Maybe it just gripes my ass that he knows more about every single war this country's ever been involved in than I do.  And when he asks me a question and I answer him wrong he calls me on it and informs me there's no way that could be right.  He watches the Military Channel on a regular basis.  Documentaries.......and then insists on coming and finding me and updating me on what the program is saying.  Then, I pretend to give a shit what it's about.   I got him a box set of DVDs for Christmas.  It includes documentary on EVERY war this country's ever been in. (Note to self:  make sure the DVD player in the kids room is we don't have to watch these in the living room.)

Here's a pic of our tree.......and he apparently thought the presents needed guarding last night.
Good to know that GI Joe himself was in on the mission!!
He'll be extra pissed when he gets home today and sees his stuff has been messed with.  And I'll be equally pissed when I have to spend 20 minutes finding that 1/100 guy that comes up missing.  He has every piece of army equipment he could possibly need.  So, what did I just do.  Wrapped up the 2 remote control battling tanks and AK 47 we got him for Christmas.  Cause I'm COOL like that!!!!!

On the agenda today is 3.5 miles on my sore foot from the above mentioned army man.  :)


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