Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking a run on the dreadmill.........

This is sorta how I feel when I have to run on the treadmill.   I've come to dread it!!  I would much rather run outside, but there are days when I just have enough time to run upstairs and start up the treadmill.  I try to watch mindless reality tv that requires no deep thought or concentration.  What I usually end up doing though is watching my mileage and at the EXACT moment I hit my target for the day, I hurtle myself from that damn machine.  Literally, I cannot get off fast enough. 

A few weeks ago we spent the night at my MIL's house.  She just got her home gym all set up and so I used her treadmill for a quick workout while I was there.  I despise her...............because she has a BITCHIN treadmill.  Seriously, felt like I was floating on a cloud instead of pounding the concrete like mine now feels like after experiencing HEAVEN on hers.  This is how I felt while on the BITCHIN treadmill.
No REALLY!!!!!!!!  It was like I was outside cause it has one of those monitors with the cool picture of nature.  Did I mention it's like a cloud!!!!  Maybe she won't notice me moving hers out and putting mine in it's place.........

Recently my sis posted a blog about coming up with a "mantra" for running.  I had no idea what mine should be or is when I'm running.  "Bitch Don't Quit!!!!" came to mind but didn't seem real appropriate.  This one jumped out at me today though.  I like it. 
In fact, I LOVE IT!!!!  Cause who doesn't want to make themselves proud.  THEMSELVES.  Forget what everyone else thinks.  Just make yourself proud.  I will never be proud if I give up.  So, this is my new mantra.   I should now consider writing this on my chest the day of the 1/2 marathon.  I wouldn't forget!!!!!

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  1. LOVE IT! Just write it on your know how I feel about permanment inking of mantras, hahah!!
    I when you steal Terri's treadmill, send me yours, because I bet yours is like a cloud compared to mine. The great treadmill swap....could happen.