Monday, January 30, 2012

If 7 year olds ruled the world.......

I got so much annoying unsolicited advice from my 7 year old this weekend that I thought I should share this knowledge with the world. 

Sunday I was scheduled for a long run for the 1/2 marathon training.  I had been looking forward to it all week.  Really, I'm not joking.  I was looking forward to running 5-6 miles.  Until I looked outside Sunday morning and saw the windmill turning like crazy.  That damn windmill has become the deciding factor on how my day will go.  Spinning like crazy = grouchy running bitch.  No turning = happy running princess. 

After lunch I paced back and forth looking out the window a million times in hopes that the wind had miraculously died down.  No luck.  That f'ing thing kept getting faster and faster.  I asked Wade a million times what his suggestion would be.  He really didn't care.  Suggested running the next day.  But that throws off my whole schedule and I HATE that.  I also hate seeing all those bitches friends on daily mile logging their run for the day and making me feel like a giant pansy.  So I took off and told Wade to come get me in an hour so I didn't have to run back into the wind.  And I reminded both kids to NOT let dad forget to come pick me up.  :)

I would say EPIC fail on the run but I did get in 5.5 miles and for someone who couldn't run a mile 3 months ago I should feel pretty good about it.  Even though the wind at my back was not helping me to slow down the pace so my breathing was steadier.  By mile 4 I was exhausted and my path I decided on had me running through deep sand at that point on a trail road where there were bitchy momma cows wanting to protect their babies.  DUMBASS attack!!!  I got home and Knight told me how red my face was and asked me how it went.  I told him I couldn't catch my breath.  First words of wisdom.  "You should have waited till tomorrow when it's not going to be as windy."  NO SHIT!!  Second words of wisdom........"try not to breathe so hard and then you won't get as tired."  NO SHIT!!!

About 7:00 last night I got a massive headache.  The kind where I know I've eaten something that must have had some hidden gluten.   More words of wisdom..........".Mom you shouldn't have eaten something with gluten.  You know it makes you sick."  NO SHIT!!!

Finally this morning Knight had some "deep" words of wisdom.  You all know that he's super into the army right now.  Who are we kidding.  For three years now he's been super into the army.  He has been reading a book on the Civil War and so he's constantly asking us questions that we have no idea what the answers are so we make up random shit to please him.  This morning on the way to school this was the conversation:

Knight:  Mom, those guys from the south were pretty stupid.
Me:  Oh yeah, why do you say that.
Knight:  They should have hung up "help wanted" signs.
Me:  What??
Knight:  Yeah, if they needed someone to work for them they should have hung up signs instead of owning slaves.  That was really rude not to pay them for their work.  You can't "own" people.  Gosh they're dumb. 

If only adults thought like 7 year olds.  Simple but truthful.  :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

California or bust???

  I've been dreaming of the beach for weeks now.  Warm, sunny days and relaxing by the pool.  Don't get me wrong, this winter has been extremely mild and I would never complain about that.  I just REALLY loved our visit to California a couple years ago.  And that's saying alot because we had 3 kids with us and mine whined.  ALOT.  And so did my sisters.  (just seeing if you were paying attention)  It was still enjoyable.  I want to go back there sometime soon.  My mother-in-law wants us to come back this spring but I think we'll wait till next year.  Not that I'm not dreaming of this:

  How cool would that be??!!! 

Except I would look more like this:

  Who doesn't love a good floatation device?!

For now I will just dream of warm, sunny beaches and pin my "dream" vacation spots.  Wade's dream vacation spot looks more like this:


I prefer motorized vehicles and drinks with umbrellas.  :) 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great Divide...

And I'm not talking about plumber's crack!! 

I ventured out for a run this morning after dropping off the boys.  When I looked out the window, the windmill was barely turning by the meadow so I assumed that was a good sign.  It tricked me.  I realized at the corner that I would be running mile 2 into the wind.  Damn the luck!!  At 1.5 I met Shane on the road and he held up his gator to see if I needed it.  He must have felt sorry for me.  I wasn't cold at that point though so I waved him on.  At the turn around I realized I'd be into the wind for at least a mile.  But I kicked that miles ass.  And pry a little more cause I'm pretty sure at one point the wind was actually pushing me backwards. 

  NOT so much like this guy, but you get the point......

Why The Great Divide????
I forgot how much I love that band!!!  I listened to quite the playlist this morning.  Everything from Waylon to Lady Gaga.  And ended up on the last 1/2 mile listening to The Great Divide.  Love them!!  Or maybe I just loved that for the last 1/2 mile the wind was actually pushing me FORWARD.....

You know what else I love???  My new trail running shoes!!!  Brooks.  Who knew??  Oh ya, Miranda knew.  Thanks for the tip!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Tuesday humor.....

You all know I have a new obsession with Pinterest.  I have found some really great recipes, decorating ideas, fitness motivations and great organization tips.  I have also found the funniest pics/sayings that I thought I would share with you.  :) 
Disclaimer:  There is cussing involved!!!!!!!


Enough said.

funny  I do this alot in Walmart.  :)  There's always that crazy person who you do everything in your power to avoid.  If you see me squatting down behind my cart next time you're in Walmart you'll know why.   Pretty sure I actually raced my cart from aisle to aisle once to avoid running into someone.  Don't judge me.  If you knew them you'd run too.

Truth. true!!

love these cards 

And this one's especially for me.  I'm working real hard on that though.  :)

I've got a mouth like a sailor... 
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friend???.....or Foe???/

Dreadmill/hate your f'ing guts/just get it the hell over with/that wasn't so bad..........

That's how I felt while doing my long run today on the treadmill.  Normally, I would NEVER do over 3 miles on that stupid thing.  Today, I was scheduled for 5 miles.  At 3.5 I really wanted to just say screw it and quit.  Then, I decided that wasn't such a great idea.  Especially when I'm normally psycho lady semi competitive.  I would have been mad at myself for not getting that long run in this week, especially after last week's non-running foot incident.  The good news is, I got it done and had I been outside I might have actually been inclined to run further.  And...the bad news.....there is none.  Unless you count the 35mph winds and snow that didn't allow me to run outside.  Next week I should be running 6 miles.  That WILL be outside or I will hurt someone.  Probably myself if I'm forced to run on the treadmill that far. 

I should just be really thankful that I have a treadmill to run on when the weather is crappy.........

Saturday, January 21, 2012


And I don't mean roller baby!!!  My awesome bro-in-law called this morning to let me know he'll be trying to fix our road today with the big blade.  And to be careful if I'm driving down it.  Whoop Whooop!!!!!!   I've been bitching complaining about our road for 3 weeks now.  It's horrible.  The county does not maintain our road so it's up to us.  Or actually, I shouldn't say that.  They are nice enough to come out here every 3 years and make it a sand pit and leave.  :)  I know it's every three years because they were here last year and Kohl was amazed!!!  He had never seen that big road grader before.  And he's 5.  :) 

 Kinda hard to miss something like this driving down your road.

Awww......can't wait to drive on a smoother road without cussing at every bump as I'm doing 60 25 on the way to school every morning.  It's the little things.  I knew that eventually Shane would break down and fix it for me because he has to drive on it every day too and it's annoying.  Or maybe it was the fact I said I would just do it myself and that scared him.   Wade...........would leave it as it is and never think twice because most days he's driving his team of horses through a pasture so he doesn't get to experience the rattling around like the rest of us do.  And maybe now the rocks will blend in a little better with the sand so my feet won't hurt on my runs. 

Cause really that's what it's all about.  ME!!!!  Bahahahahaha.......

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's MY Party!!!!

Birthday Balloons

Actually, I'm too old for parties so now I have to settle for the following:

Me telling my kids that it was my birthday this morning because Wade forgot.  And then reminding them that it's MY day and they should be extra good.

Me making Kohl and my nephew tell me Happy Birthday every time they needed something today.  And singing too.  :)

My mom calling me at lunch when Wade was in here which jarred his memory real quick like. 

I will continue the day with making my kids wait on me all evening.  Ahhhhhh....I love MY DAY.

I also treated myself to some new trail running shoes.  It's the right thing to do.
Brooks 'Adrenaline ASR' Trail Shoe (Women)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Strength Training!!!

This was my workout today.  All courtesy of pinterest posts I searched.  LOVE IT!!!

Arm workout X 2

Leg workout  X 2

workout  X 2

And I'm spent.  Did each of those through 2 times.  I love strength training and circuits.  Someday, I will love running just as much.  :)

Foot feels great thanks to the chiro yesterday!!  I feel like I'm back on track and ready to go! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

To Trail......or Not to trail???

Ok runner friends, or anyone with an opinion.  Should I be wearing a trail shoe??  I run on dirt roads with lots of rock/gravel and now frozen cow shit.  It's uneven, rough and sometimes no fun.  :)  I hurt the bottom of my foot and I still think it's because of all the rocks I'm stepping on.  How could that not hurt?  I really like the feel of the Asics Nimbus I've been wearing but did alot of reading this weekend on running shoes and some are of the opinion that if you're running on trail, that's the kind of shoes you should be wearing. 

  This looks NOTHING like my trail road I run on.  Unless you disregard the fact that we have no trees.  Or mountains.  Or snow for that matter, even though it's January. 

This is the "trail" I run on.

Some days it's hard as a rock, others it's soft and the sand is deep.  But there are large pieces of rock throughout it.  Which some trail shoes claim they have a special deal on the sole that prevents rock from pushing on your arches.  But......are they just filling you full of crap, or do they actually do this? 

Give me some advice!!!  I NEED it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

And I'm spent........

Whew!!!  WHAT A DAY!!  I successfully renovated our attic into a usable space for the kids, dressed myself for the entire next month, made a months worth of gluten free meals, and got some great running tips. 

Pinned Image

I deserve some sort of reward.  :)  I spent all some of the morning on Pinterest.  I had heard about this site from my BFF Tiff awhile back but had never spent much time on there.  Then I forgot about it until my sis-in-law was telling me all about these home renovation ideas on there.  I had NO CLUE what all you could find on this site.  I'm going to have to limit myself because I've already picked out complete new colors for our house.  That we just painted 5 years ago.  Wade's REALLY NOT excited.  I have new shoes picked out and in my shopping cart at various sites, and much much more.  NOT GOOD. 

Don't forget to smile along the way...

 I could not allow myself to start anything until I look like this...............Might be awhile. 

I ran an easy 2 miles today to see how the foot was.  Felt pretty good.  A little sore and I was really tempted to do more but I didn't want to push my luck.  It was beautiful outside!!  I must leave you now to Pinterest spend time with my wonderful family.  :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gluten Free Friday and 1 Missed Opportunity......

So, you all know Wade got me my own gun for Christmas.  I've had time now to shoot it, LOVE it, and get pretty attached to it.  I had it in my pickup all last week just waiting for an opportunity to maybe see a coyote or something else that needed blasted.  No luck.  Went to town one day this week so decided it might be best for me to remove it from the pickup.  Me, with a weapon, and I speed.....ALOT.  Not a good combination.  And......of course this morning after dropping off Knight, a coyote runs right in front of me on the gravel road.  He runs a little way and then stops.  And looks at me.  Still not running away very far.  It's like he KNEW that I didn't have that damn gun in the truck.  Oh IT IS ON!!!!  I'm gonna get that sucker. 

Now, here's my little tid bits for Gluten Free Friday!  I've always had horribly itchy, dry skin.  I'm not talking about a little dry skin cause it's cold outside and the air is dry, put some lotion on and it's cured.  I'm talking about dry skin where you literally itch off your skin and it bleeds.  Gross, but just wanted to make sure you got my point.  :)  So, in all my reading on gluten intolerance, I came across a ton of articles relating to gluten intolerance for skin products.  Very common if you can't eat gluten.   It will make your skin do crazy things if it's in your shampoo's, soaps, perfumes, makeup, etc.  Of course I checked all my bottles and realized that pretty much everything I was using had gluten in it.  The lotion that was supposed to be helping my dry skin was really making it worse.  The only thing I was using that was ok was the BeautiControl face stuff and makeup.  Most of their products are gluten free.  There are days when I will make Knight a sandwich for school and my hands will be dry and peeling just from touching the bread. 

So, check your labels on your products and if you have dry, itchy, ashy skin, you might want to think about changing!  You can google almost any product and find something about it being gluten free or not.  I think I've typed in "is such and such gluten free" so many times I've pretty much covered everything in the house.  You can always call the company too!  They might be helpful or they might be vague in some cases but it never hurts to try! 

Happy Gluten Free Friday everyone!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

No running........

And I'm  bitchy GROUCHY about it.
I tried running on the treadmill today to see if my foot/ankle/again have no idea....was feeling any better.  I THOUGHT it was.  No good though.  Fifteen seconds in and it hurt like hell.  I had to settle for pushups, situps and squats.  Like my ass needs to get any bigger.  Let's do some squats!!  Ughhhh.......This week has pretty much been a big pile of crap.  I'm usually not such a Debbie Downer, but it really has not been a good one. 

To top off the day, we were going to have practice tonight and didn't get coordinated with everyone in time and tables were set up for a funeral before we got there.  Totally my fault for the dumbass attack and had to make sure all kids were ok to get home.  Good job!!  Coach of the year right there. 

So, tomorrow's a new day!!!  Whooop whoop!  I'm going to ice my foot, and hope that next week is better and I can get some runs in.  I NEVER thought I would miss running after just 4 days without it.

And on a completely different subject.  Weight Watchers just endorsed McDonalds on some "healthy" foods on their menu.  Really???  Just because they have some lower points values doesn't mean they are healthy.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Weight Watchers concept.  It helped me lose weight after having Knight.  Just don't get it. 

And with that, I bid you good day.  I promise my next post will be full of sunshine and roses.  Or at least partly cloudy and ditch weed.  Hey, these kinds of transformations take time.  :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horror movies and sinus infections.......

Here's my day so far.  Through the help of pictures. 

Started off tired as could be.  Kohl has decided that it's funny as hell to wake me up 10 times a night just to say he loves me or that he has to go to the bathroom.  Or that his covers are no longer "covering" him up and he needs them adjusted.  I repeatedly tell myself that I love him and it's just a phase.

  I also feel like this lady because somehow I hurt my arch/foot/who the hell knows on my run Sunday.  I can't put any pressure on the outside of my foot and am walking around like a complete idiot.  Just when I think it's feeling better I step down wrong and almost piss myself.  Seriously.  So, I'm taking a few days off from running.  Now is when I wish I still had my exercise bike. 

Knight woke up feeling like shit so I took him in to the clinic this morning.  Oh how I love driving the 60 miles there.  One way.  As I suspected, cause I'm not a doctor and have no idea what I'm talking about, he has another sinus infection.  They are never ending.   Kohl decided he should just go with us.  MISTAKE.  Again, I hope his obnoxiousness is just a phase.  I'm starting to doubt that though. 

I'm sure the doctor loved the fact that I let my kids watch gruesome movies as they so nicely explained to her.  In detail.  Right down to the falling on the ground and BOTH legs were broke and the bones were sticking out.  And then he got eaten by wolves.  Lovely.  I'm expecting that call from social services any minute now.  Even though it's all Wade's fault cause that's what they watched on Sunday while I was running.  :) 

 This afternoon I get to go to bball practice and try and act like I've been having the most shitty wonderful day EVER!  And then come home and try and come up with an alternate exercise plan for the next few days that doesn't involve putting pressure on my foot while still getting some cardio in.  Any ideas???!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My "other" kids........

In my "spare" time, I coach elementary bball.  I LOVE basketball.  Not like I love/hate running.  I LOVE basketball.  Always have.  This year, my girls I had since they were in 3rd grade, are now in Jr. High.  They only have one home game this year and it was today so I decided I'd better go watch them.  They were like kids to me.  I had a hard time when they played their last elementary game as 6th graders.  I still enjoy riding their asses lightly encouraging them from time to time.  I got to have one of their practices when I subbed one day.  It was GREAT!!

My sis is their coach and she does an outstanding job!  They kinda rocked it today so I was very proud of them! 

In our small town, there aren't an over abundance of kids.  So, I went from having a really strong 6th grade team to having one 5th grader and a dozen 3rd and 4th graders.  I have to admit.  It took me a couple practices to get used to talking in my "nice" voice instead of my "shut the hell up and pay attention" voice.  You just can't talk the same to a half pint 3rd grader as you can a 6th grader.   It will be good for me.  :) 

And.............I can't talk about bball without paying tribute to the greatest player ever.

My husband will read this and then proceed to tell me that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest player ever.  As if!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank goodness for peer encouragement!!

I DID IT!!!!!  5 mile run is in the books.  Whoop Whoop!!!  I was really looking forward to this run today.  I like accomplishing new goals and distances.  It's become an obsession of sorts.  Which can be good or bad I guess. 
I'm not going to give you every little detail about this KICK ASS run.  But here's how things started out. 

Zoot Comp...I tend to get really sore in my lower legs/calves after a long run.  So, like any serious runner, ha ha, I decided I'd try some of these compression socks.  They are NOT kidding when they say compression.  Really.....the box should just say CAUTION: TIGHT F'ING SOCKS INSIDE.
I swear it took me 10 minutes to get those damn things on.  But boy they felt good once I did.  And my legs feel great after my run.  No soreness.  Yet.  :) 

I only stopped once to shed a coat but other than that, I felt pretty good.  I usually struggle with the turn around and sometimes Wade will come get me or I'll just run to wherever they are working on the ranch that day.  Thought I'd give him a day off from the pickup service since he wasn't feeling well.  I might have cussed him when I did get to the turn around and was thinking it sure looked like a LONG way back to the house. 

I listened to Jillian's podcast today.  Perfect subject for this run.  Conquering your fears.  There was a part in there where she suggested envisioning some of your peers doing the same thing and see if that helped.  Cause most people believe that if the other person can do it then so can they.  It worked!!  So, here's a shout out to my running peeps!!  Tara, cause she got this whole "running" thing in my head and hasn't quit yet.  Katie W. and Steff for their posts about running the hills.  I have one big hill on my road and when I wanted to stop I thought about all  the hills they pry ran today.  Jamie, cause I knew she might possibly be running her 5 miles at the same time and I know how strong she is.  She wasn't going to stop and neither was I!  And again........with the "fast" girl at the race.  :)  She will forever be my encouragement!!

And.....most of all.  To Sammy W. for helping me realize that maybe farmer blowing my nose and spitting every 10 steps isn't really necessary.  During a race.  When people are running beside you.  :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

iPhone Bliss.....Diet Coke Karma........Gluten Free Friday (oops)

Which means that Fedex finally arrived!!!!  Well, not exactly true.  They arrived, in town 20+ miles from my house and thought they'd just drop it off at the school for me.  How thoughtful of them.  Blahhhhhh........ Cause I don't work at the school, or anywhere in town for that matter.  At least it was in the direction of picking up the older child from his school.  Point is.......I GOT IT!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!  And I shouldn't be this excited about getting a new phone, but I am so shut it!!! 

On to other business.  Yesterday was day 5 of no diet coke.  Well, it turned into 4 days of no diet coke and me drinking one when I got to town (to pick up my BADASS iPhone) cause I had a terrible headache yesterday.  I was almost certain I had not been glutened so I assumed that the headache was from going cold turkey on the diet coke.  The good thing was, it didn't taste near as wonderful as I thought it would.  It did get rid of my headache though.  But.......the headache's back this morning.   So, I either did really get glutened and this is only day 2 of the typical 3 days of headache hell after eating gluten, or.............that bitch KARMA is making me pay for drinking that diet coke when I said I was going to go the whole week without having one. 

Now, onto my last thought for the day.  I forgot Gluten Free Friday yesterday cause I was in iPhone Bliss!!  So, thought I would let you in on a little secret.  Just kidding.  It's not a secret but it is the BEST product or line of products I have found yet.  And, no they did not pay me to say that.  I mean really???  I have like 6 followers on here.  No one wants to advertise on my blog.  That will have to wait till I hit the big time!!  Whoop Whoop.......

King Arthur Gluten free line.  AMAZING!  All of you fellow gluten free peeps know that when you typically bake with gluten free flours the batter, dough, etc. tastes AWFUL!!  Well..........not anymore!  Seriously.  King Arthur gluten free flour makes baked things taste exactly the same!  And I could eat a whole bowl of cookie dough and never know the difference.  I would NEVER lie on my blog (fingers crossed behind my back), so I tested this out over Christmas break.  Seriously, Wade and I almost ate a whole bowl of gluten free sugar cookie dough.  Yep.  I'm not too proud to admit that.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been craving cookie dough since I went gluten free and everytime I would try to eat it with other flours IT SUCKED!!  This is the SHIZNIT!!  Try it, LOVE it, and you'll thank me later!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a 5 mile run planned for tomorrow.  If you don't hear from me by Monday.  Call the ambulance!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pony Express????!!!!!..............

I realize that I live in the middle of BFE!!  It becomes a problem when we are out of milk for the bucket calf Kohl.  Also a problem when you're out of tp and it's Saturday at 3 and the store closed an hour before and won't be open again till Monday.  It's the shits.  Literally.  Which is when you head down to the bunkhouse in hopes that the guys have some laying around.  :) 

It also becomes a problem annoyance when the Fed Ex people call you every time you are supposed to have a package delivered and go on and on about how busy they are and they just aren't going to make it out to your house today.  Oh, and could they just drop that off in town for you.  Well, if we ever went that direction you could, but we happen to go the other direction to "town".  This is what I'm waiting on.....

Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Smartphone - AT&T

I gave into temptation and ordered an iPhone.  Super excited!!  Well, I was until THEY informed me I wouldn't be getting it today cause they are sooooooo busy.  I'M BUSY TOO!!!!!!

I'm formulating a strategic plan of delivering out in the boondocks. 
Pony Expr...
Only instead of by horse, all my running friends could take turns carrying the packages.  Kind of like a relay of sorts!!  GENIUS!!!  We'd never have an excuse for not being able to run cause we'd HAVE to.  :) 

It would look somewhat like this!  Cause we'd HAVE to have a cart for all those packages.  Although I'm sure that mine that SHOULD be coming today is about this size:
Just sayin...........Cause it's NOT coming today.......This annoys me. 

Let me know what you all think about my GENIUS plan.  It could work.  Or not.  Either way it would be faster than the alternative. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January????? Are you sure about that???.............

Sixty-two degrees today.  WTH????!!!!!! I love it.  Last year's snow storm in October made winter in Nebraska feel like the frozen tundra.  This year's winter has a chance of lasting as long as:

Kim and K...
The wedding of a certain celebrity couple.  Whoop Whoop!!!

I'm getting older.  I don't particularly like the snow or the cold.  Unless it involves Butterscotch Schnapps.  Mmmmmmm.....Yummy.

I planned on running in the warm weather today but had to get on that damn treadmill again cause the wind was blowing too hard.  Good news is it's supposed to stay warm for awhile!  I'm not complaining!  I WILL be complaining when we have a foot of snow on the ground in March and I get high centered trying to go for a run down our gravel road.  :)  That would be a scary sight. 

Day 2 of Operation No Diet Coke is going well.  I haven't craved it, been a bitch to anyone (that I know of), or completely lost my cool. 

We also have a bet going on in our house of potty mouths.  No playing the xbox for the hubby or the boys if they swear. facebook for a day if I cuss.  Bahahahahaha................I can sooooooo win this one.  Yeah RIGHT!!!!  If I don't answer anyone's messages for a day you'll know where I've been!  In swearing time out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Operation "No More Diet Coke"......

Or at least a limited number of diet coke's.  My MIL Terri got me a new Soda Stream pop making machine for Christmas.  AWESOME!!  Naturally flavored, gluten free goodness!!  No really, most of the flavors taste really good.  So, from now on, when I'm home it's all sodastream.  And, since most of the time I'm home, the diet coke addiction will hopefully go away!  Or change from killing cussing someone for drinking my last diet coke, to dealing with it in a calm manner.  :)   I'm not saying that I'll NEVER have another.  Just want to learn to enjoy in moderation. 
I also read that sometimes drinking diet soda will lead to weight gain.  Crazy, huh???  Maybe that would explain the extra 10 pounds that has made it's way to my ass in the last few years.  Or......again, it could be that I think I should just eat candy for meals.  Either way, I'm cuttin back on the soda with the help of this wonderful little machine.  I had my "faux" diet cola at the alotted 9 am soda drinking time.  Hey, don't judge me.  I don't drink coffee cause I think it smells like ass, so I can have a soda at 9 in the morning.  Hell, sometimes it's 7 am.  I was having a good morning!  I'll let you know in a few days how it's workin for me.  I'm gonna try and go all week without a real diet coke and see how I feel! 
Disclaimer:  If you see me, oh say....Friday afternoon...and I punch you in the face and scream obscenitites at you....You'll know it's not going so well. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Why I run......

I've been reading these really great blogs about why people run.  What keeps them motivated to get out there every day and just run.  I'm relatively new to all this running business, but after those first "great" accomplishments (running 3 miles without passing out/stopping/dying), I really "get it".  I'm not gonna lie.  I used to wonder why everyone that ran talked about it all the time.  I mean really????  Do we care about your time, distance, pace etc.  Now I'm that annoying person that talks about running.  How far I've gone, have to go, and how fast I was.  Or slow in my case, but who's keeping track!  I finally GET IT!!  It's addicting.  That feeling of pure accomplishment (or passing the "fast" beotch at the race) is the greatest in the world!

So, here is why I run.  Some are why I started running in the first place.  Others are why I will continue to be a runner from here on out. 

1.  To find my abs again.  After 2 c-sections that's a major challenge.

2.  To be healthy and fit.  Let's face it, my parents don't have the best genes in the world.  Sorry mom and dad, but you don't.  That should be reason enough!

3.  Runner's LEGS!!  Who hasn't looked at someone who runs all the time and seen how hot their legs look.  I want that.  :)

4.  I have a tendency to get really sore, tired, and grouchy when I DON'T exercise.  I have to get out there and do something.  I can only do so many workout dvd's at home before I need to get out of the house.  When you live 22 miles from town, you are limited on options.  But I have a gravel road and plenty of open space to RUN!

5.  To wear all those really cute running clothes and be legit!  I mean, you can only "pretend" you're a runner for so long.  People start to wonder why you're in running gear all the time but don't really look like you've run a day in your life.  :)  I'm vain.  I know that the chances of anyone seeing me out here in BFE while I'm running are slim, (except for one of the hired men who drove up behind me the other day and I didn't realize they were there cause my music was so loud, I will get hime back for scaring the shit out of me)  but I want to look good while running!  It's alot more fun to get up and put on some cute as hell gear rather than my worn out sweat pants. 

6.  (I love my children).  To GET AWAY from my kids for an hour.  :)  I need it to keep sane.

7.  I run for my volleyball team.  I am constantly telling them to reach a little higher, run a little further, work a little harder.  I don't want to be a hypocrite and sit on the couch all day long then yell at them for not working hard.  :)

8.  For so many years I told myself I wasn't nor could ever be, a runner.  I'm stubborn.  Eventually I just had to say, "self, shut the f' up and RUN.  Even if it kills ya. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where the hell's that Woodchuck??!!!!

Evil little bastards........I don't go out much.  I don't drink often.  And I know why.  I'm just not a young kid like I once was.  It's hard on a gal to recover the next day.  I'm going to blame it on Tara myself.

She always FORCES us girls to drink Washington Apples.  Extra yummy but I'm really starting to not like all this peer pressure............It would be rude of me to say, "no I don't want your f'n drink".  I'm just not that person.  I reluctantly willingly agree every time she "forces" one upon me. 
Also rude to not drink the Woodchuck that so many kind souls bought me.  And thanks to my wonderful sister for putting this pic of me on facebook.  Notice the beautiful crooked way my face looks.  WTF!!!

This one is much better..............

We had a wonderful evening with GREAT friends and I really don't feel THAT bad today. 
Just like this guy who got his ass ran over by a truck.....

Later on the hubby and I are gonna go shoot some shit with my new gun.  Whoop Whoop!!!  That will FOR SURE make the headache go away. 

Happy New Year to you all!!!