Saturday, January 14, 2012

And I'm spent........

Whew!!!  WHAT A DAY!!  I successfully renovated our attic into a usable space for the kids, dressed myself for the entire next month, made a months worth of gluten free meals, and got some great running tips. 

Pinned Image

I deserve some sort of reward.  :)  I spent all some of the morning on Pinterest.  I had heard about this site from my BFF Tiff awhile back but had never spent much time on there.  Then I forgot about it until my sis-in-law was telling me all about these home renovation ideas on there.  I had NO CLUE what all you could find on this site.  I'm going to have to limit myself because I've already picked out complete new colors for our house.  That we just painted 5 years ago.  Wade's REALLY NOT excited.  I have new shoes picked out and in my shopping cart at various sites, and much much more.  NOT GOOD. 

Don't forget to smile along the way...

 I could not allow myself to start anything until I look like this...............Might be awhile. 

I ran an easy 2 miles today to see how the foot was.  Felt pretty good.  A little sore and I was really tempted to do more but I didn't want to push my luck.  It was beautiful outside!!  I must leave you now to Pinterest spend time with my wonderful family.  :)


  1. Is that a picture of your attic? Pretty neat pad! Pinterest is addicting! :D

  2. Oh no!!! That's what I wish my attic looked like!! Right now it's insulation and duct work. :(