Thursday, January 26, 2012

California or bust???

  I've been dreaming of the beach for weeks now.  Warm, sunny days and relaxing by the pool.  Don't get me wrong, this winter has been extremely mild and I would never complain about that.  I just REALLY loved our visit to California a couple years ago.  And that's saying alot because we had 3 kids with us and mine whined.  ALOT.  And so did my sisters.  (just seeing if you were paying attention)  It was still enjoyable.  I want to go back there sometime soon.  My mother-in-law wants us to come back this spring but I think we'll wait till next year.  Not that I'm not dreaming of this:

  How cool would that be??!!! 

Except I would look more like this:

  Who doesn't love a good floatation device?!

For now I will just dream of warm, sunny beaches and pin my "dream" vacation spots.  Wade's dream vacation spot looks more like this:


I prefer motorized vehicles and drinks with umbrellas.  :) 

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