Friday, January 13, 2012

Gluten Free Friday and 1 Missed Opportunity......

So, you all know Wade got me my own gun for Christmas.  I've had time now to shoot it, LOVE it, and get pretty attached to it.  I had it in my pickup all last week just waiting for an opportunity to maybe see a coyote or something else that needed blasted.  No luck.  Went to town one day this week so decided it might be best for me to remove it from the pickup.  Me, with a weapon, and I speed.....ALOT.  Not a good combination.  And......of course this morning after dropping off Knight, a coyote runs right in front of me on the gravel road.  He runs a little way and then stops.  And looks at me.  Still not running away very far.  It's like he KNEW that I didn't have that damn gun in the truck.  Oh IT IS ON!!!!  I'm gonna get that sucker. 

Now, here's my little tid bits for Gluten Free Friday!  I've always had horribly itchy, dry skin.  I'm not talking about a little dry skin cause it's cold outside and the air is dry, put some lotion on and it's cured.  I'm talking about dry skin where you literally itch off your skin and it bleeds.  Gross, but just wanted to make sure you got my point.  :)  So, in all my reading on gluten intolerance, I came across a ton of articles relating to gluten intolerance for skin products.  Very common if you can't eat gluten.   It will make your skin do crazy things if it's in your shampoo's, soaps, perfumes, makeup, etc.  Of course I checked all my bottles and realized that pretty much everything I was using had gluten in it.  The lotion that was supposed to be helping my dry skin was really making it worse.  The only thing I was using that was ok was the BeautiControl face stuff and makeup.  Most of their products are gluten free.  There are days when I will make Knight a sandwich for school and my hands will be dry and peeling just from touching the bread. 

So, check your labels on your products and if you have dry, itchy, ashy skin, you might want to think about changing!  You can google almost any product and find something about it being gluten free or not.  I think I've typed in "is such and such gluten free" so many times I've pretty much covered everything in the house.  You can always call the company too!  They might be helpful or they might be vague in some cases but it never hurts to try! 

Happy Gluten Free Friday everyone!!

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  1. I saw 2 coyotes this morning and I also didnt have the gun....grrr!!