Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Great Divide...

And I'm not talking about plumber's crack!! 

I ventured out for a run this morning after dropping off the boys.  When I looked out the window, the windmill was barely turning by the meadow so I assumed that was a good sign.  It tricked me.  I realized at the corner that I would be running mile 2 into the wind.  Damn the luck!!  At 1.5 I met Shane on the road and he held up his gator to see if I needed it.  He must have felt sorry for me.  I wasn't cold at that point though so I waved him on.  At the turn around I realized I'd be into the wind for at least a mile.  But I kicked that miles ass.  And pry a little more cause I'm pretty sure at one point the wind was actually pushing me backwards. 

  NOT so much like this guy, but you get the point......

Why The Great Divide????
I forgot how much I love that band!!!  I listened to quite the playlist this morning.  Everything from Waylon to Lady Gaga.  And ended up on the last 1/2 mile listening to The Great Divide.  Love them!!  Or maybe I just loved that for the last 1/2 mile the wind was actually pushing me FORWARD.....

You know what else I love???  My new trail running shoes!!!  Brooks.  Who knew??  Oh ya, Miranda knew.  Thanks for the tip!!!

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