Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horror movies and sinus infections.......

Here's my day so far.  Through the help of pictures. 

Started off tired as could be.  Kohl has decided that it's funny as hell to wake me up 10 times a night just to say he loves me or that he has to go to the bathroom.  Or that his covers are no longer "covering" him up and he needs them adjusted.  I repeatedly tell myself that I love him and it's just a phase.

  I also feel like this lady because somehow I hurt my arch/foot/who the hell knows on my run Sunday.  I can't put any pressure on the outside of my foot and am walking around like a complete idiot.  Just when I think it's feeling better I step down wrong and almost piss myself.  Seriously.  So, I'm taking a few days off from running.  Now is when I wish I still had my exercise bike. 

Knight woke up feeling like shit so I took him in to the clinic this morning.  Oh how I love driving the 60 miles there.  One way.  As I suspected, cause I'm not a doctor and have no idea what I'm talking about, he has another sinus infection.  They are never ending.   Kohl decided he should just go with us.  MISTAKE.  Again, I hope his obnoxiousness is just a phase.  I'm starting to doubt that though. 

I'm sure the doctor loved the fact that I let my kids watch gruesome movies as they so nicely explained to her.  In detail.  Right down to the falling on the ground and BOTH legs were broke and the bones were sticking out.  And then he got eaten by wolves.  Lovely.  I'm expecting that call from social services any minute now.  Even though it's all Wade's fault cause that's what they watched on Sunday while I was running.  :) 

 This afternoon I get to go to bball practice and try and act like I've been having the most shitty wonderful day EVER!  And then come home and try and come up with an alternate exercise plan for the next few days that doesn't involve putting pressure on my foot while still getting some cardio in.  Any ideas???!!!

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