Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's MY Party!!!!

Birthday Balloons

Actually, I'm too old for parties so now I have to settle for the following:

Me telling my kids that it was my birthday this morning because Wade forgot.  And then reminding them that it's MY day and they should be extra good.

Me making Kohl and my nephew tell me Happy Birthday every time they needed something today.  And singing too.  :)

My mom calling me at lunch when Wade was in here which jarred his memory real quick like. 

I will continue the day with making my kids wait on me all evening.  Ahhhhhh....I love MY DAY.

I also treated myself to some new trail running shoes.  It's the right thing to do.
Brooks 'Adrenaline ASR' Trail Shoe (Women)


  1. In honor of your birthday, I treated myself to a pair as well:)

  2. Hey there: I'm a health writer for, and I'm working on a piece on gluten-free cosmetics. I'm hoping to find a celiac patient who's had a reaction to gluten in a beauty product -- and I came across a comment from you on another blog post in which you said that had happened to you!

    I know this is a totally weird way to contact you, but if you're interested in telling me about what happened for the story I'm working on -- shoot me an email at melissa[dot]dahl[at]msnbc[dot]com. Thanks!