Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January????? Are you sure about that???.............

Sixty-two degrees today.  WTH????!!!!!! I love it.  Last year's snow storm in October made winter in Nebraska feel like the frozen tundra.  This year's winter has a chance of lasting as long as:

Kim and K...
The wedding of a certain celebrity couple.  Whoop Whoop!!!

I'm getting older.  I don't particularly like the snow or the cold.  Unless it involves Butterscotch Schnapps.  Mmmmmmm.....Yummy.

I planned on running in the warm weather today but had to get on that damn treadmill again cause the wind was blowing too hard.  Good news is it's supposed to stay warm for awhile!  I'm not complaining!  I WILL be complaining when we have a foot of snow on the ground in March and I get high centered trying to go for a run down our gravel road.  :)  That would be a scary sight. 

Day 2 of Operation No Diet Coke is going well.  I haven't craved it, been a bitch to anyone (that I know of), or completely lost my cool. 

We also have a bet going on in our house of potty mouths.  No playing the xbox for the hubby or the boys if they swear. facebook for a day if I cuss.  Bahahahahaha................I can sooooooo win this one.  Yeah RIGHT!!!!  If I don't answer anyone's messages for a day you'll know where I've been!  In swearing time out.


  1. Im not sure what impresses me more...that you havent hurt anyone (your husband) during your diet coke withdrawl, that your going to win a no-swearing bet or that you put a picture of Kim K on your blog....ok, last one is a little scary but good luck with the first 2!

  2. A while back I was taking this caffeine pill and I totally stopped drinking Diet Coke for a little over a month. I used to have 2-3 a day. Now I can't drink it b/c I think it tastes funny. Don't take the pill anymore either so now I don't know what to drink to get caffeine! ahhhh....too funny.