Monday, January 9, 2012

My "other" kids........

In my "spare" time, I coach elementary bball.  I LOVE basketball.  Not like I love/hate running.  I LOVE basketball.  Always have.  This year, my girls I had since they were in 3rd grade, are now in Jr. High.  They only have one home game this year and it was today so I decided I'd better go watch them.  They were like kids to me.  I had a hard time when they played their last elementary game as 6th graders.  I still enjoy riding their asses lightly encouraging them from time to time.  I got to have one of their practices when I subbed one day.  It was GREAT!!

My sis is their coach and she does an outstanding job!  They kinda rocked it today so I was very proud of them! 

In our small town, there aren't an over abundance of kids.  So, I went from having a really strong 6th grade team to having one 5th grader and a dozen 3rd and 4th graders.  I have to admit.  It took me a couple practices to get used to talking in my "nice" voice instead of my "shut the hell up and pay attention" voice.  You just can't talk the same to a half pint 3rd grader as you can a 6th grader.   It will be good for me.  :) 

And.............I can't talk about bball without paying tribute to the greatest player ever.

My husband will read this and then proceed to tell me that Wilt Chamberlain was the greatest player ever.  As if!!

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