Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pony Express????!!!!!..............

I realize that I live in the middle of BFE!!  It becomes a problem when we are out of milk for the bucket calf Kohl.  Also a problem when you're out of tp and it's Saturday at 3 and the store closed an hour before and won't be open again till Monday.  It's the shits.  Literally.  Which is when you head down to the bunkhouse in hopes that the guys have some laying around.  :) 

It also becomes a problem annoyance when the Fed Ex people call you every time you are supposed to have a package delivered and go on and on about how busy they are and they just aren't going to make it out to your house today.  Oh, and could they just drop that off in town for you.  Well, if we ever went that direction you could, but we happen to go the other direction to "town".  This is what I'm waiting on.....

Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Smartphone - AT&T

I gave into temptation and ordered an iPhone.  Super excited!!  Well, I was until THEY informed me I wouldn't be getting it today cause they are sooooooo busy.  I'M BUSY TOO!!!!!!

I'm formulating a strategic plan of delivering out in the boondocks. 
Pony Expr...
Only instead of by horse, all my running friends could take turns carrying the packages.  Kind of like a relay of sorts!!  GENIUS!!!  We'd never have an excuse for not being able to run cause we'd HAVE to.  :) 

It would look somewhat like this!  Cause we'd HAVE to have a cart for all those packages.  Although I'm sure that mine that SHOULD be coming today is about this size:
Just sayin...........Cause it's NOT coming today.......This annoys me. 

Let me know what you all think about my GENIUS plan.  It could work.  Or not.  Either way it would be faster than the alternative. 

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  1. Faster for sure!! My favorite is when the FedEx driver calls my house to get directions to the neighbors and ask if the road is passable. Seriously....our FedEx guy has done that...twice.

    I want the middle leg of the relay!