Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some Tuesday humor.....

You all know I have a new obsession with Pinterest.  I have found some really great recipes, decorating ideas, fitness motivations and great organization tips.  I have also found the funniest pics/sayings that I thought I would share with you.  :) 
Disclaimer:  There is cussing involved!!!!!!!


Enough said.

funny  I do this alot in Walmart.  :)  There's always that crazy person who you do everything in your power to avoid.  If you see me squatting down behind my cart next time you're in Walmart you'll know why.   Pretty sure I actually raced my cart from aisle to aisle once to avoid running into someone.  Don't judge me.  If you knew them you'd run too.

Truth.  Bahahahahahaha..............so true!!

love these cards 

And this one's especially for me.  I'm working real hard on that though.  :)

I've got a mouth like a sailor... 
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  1. The non-censored version...this post fuckin' rocks!!!