Monday, January 16, 2012

To Trail......or Not to trail???

Ok runner friends, or anyone with an opinion.  Should I be wearing a trail shoe??  I run on dirt roads with lots of rock/gravel and now frozen cow shit.  It's uneven, rough and sometimes no fun.  :)  I hurt the bottom of my foot and I still think it's because of all the rocks I'm stepping on.  How could that not hurt?  I really like the feel of the Asics Nimbus I've been wearing but did alot of reading this weekend on running shoes and some are of the opinion that if you're running on trail, that's the kind of shoes you should be wearing. 

  This looks NOTHING like my trail road I run on.  Unless you disregard the fact that we have no trees.  Or mountains.  Or snow for that matter, even though it's January. 

This is the "trail" I run on.

Some days it's hard as a rock, others it's soft and the sand is deep.  But there are large pieces of rock throughout it.  Which some trail shoes claim they have a special deal on the sole that prevents rock from pushing on your arches.  But......are they just filling you full of crap, or do they actually do this? 

Give me some advice!!!  I NEED it.

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