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Where the hell's that Woodchuck??!!!!

Evil little bastards........I don't go out much.  I don't drink often.  And I know why.  I'm just not a young kid like I once was.  It's hard on a gal to recover the next day.  I'm going to blame it on Tara myself.

She always FORCES us girls to drink Washington Apples.  Extra yummy but I'm really starting to not like all this peer pressure............It would be rude of me to say, "no I don't want your f'n drink".  I'm just not that person.  I reluctantly willingly agree every time she "forces" one upon me. 
Also rude to not drink the Woodchuck that so many kind souls bought me.  And thanks to my wonderful sister for putting this pic of me on facebook.  Notice the beautiful crooked way my face looks.  WTF!!!

This one is much better..............

We had a wonderful evening with GREAT friends and I really don't feel THAT bad today. 
Just like this guy who got his ass ran over by a truck.....

Later on the hubby and I are gonna go shoot some shit with my new gun.  Whoop Whoop!!!  That will FOR SURE make the headache go away. 

Happy New Year to you all!!!


  1. FORCED you to drink the Washington Apple? I know I was a little tipsy last night but I dont remember sitting on you and pouring it down your troat....maybe I did but Im sure I would remember that part, wouldnt I....DAMN Ultra!!! Maybe we should blame Pam, who loves us and actually made them the way they should be, which is slight (totally completely) stronger then previous versions.

    It was a great time...Happy New Year Chica!

  2. It was a great time! Happy New Year to you too. We could always blame Jamie. Just cause we can. And it sounds good. :)


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