Monday, January 2, 2012

Why I run......

I've been reading these really great blogs about why people run.  What keeps them motivated to get out there every day and just run.  I'm relatively new to all this running business, but after those first "great" accomplishments (running 3 miles without passing out/stopping/dying), I really "get it".  I'm not gonna lie.  I used to wonder why everyone that ran talked about it all the time.  I mean really????  Do we care about your time, distance, pace etc.  Now I'm that annoying person that talks about running.  How far I've gone, have to go, and how fast I was.  Or slow in my case, but who's keeping track!  I finally GET IT!!  It's addicting.  That feeling of pure accomplishment (or passing the "fast" beotch at the race) is the greatest in the world!

So, here is why I run.  Some are why I started running in the first place.  Others are why I will continue to be a runner from here on out. 

1.  To find my abs again.  After 2 c-sections that's a major challenge.

2.  To be healthy and fit.  Let's face it, my parents don't have the best genes in the world.  Sorry mom and dad, but you don't.  That should be reason enough!

3.  Runner's LEGS!!  Who hasn't looked at someone who runs all the time and seen how hot their legs look.  I want that.  :)

4.  I have a tendency to get really sore, tired, and grouchy when I DON'T exercise.  I have to get out there and do something.  I can only do so many workout dvd's at home before I need to get out of the house.  When you live 22 miles from town, you are limited on options.  But I have a gravel road and plenty of open space to RUN!

5.  To wear all those really cute running clothes and be legit!  I mean, you can only "pretend" you're a runner for so long.  People start to wonder why you're in running gear all the time but don't really look like you've run a day in your life.  :)  I'm vain.  I know that the chances of anyone seeing me out here in BFE while I'm running are slim, (except for one of the hired men who drove up behind me the other day and I didn't realize they were there cause my music was so loud, I will get hime back for scaring the shit out of me)  but I want to look good while running!  It's alot more fun to get up and put on some cute as hell gear rather than my worn out sweat pants. 

6.  (I love my children).  To GET AWAY from my kids for an hour.  :)  I need it to keep sane.

7.  I run for my volleyball team.  I am constantly telling them to reach a little higher, run a little further, work a little harder.  I don't want to be a hypocrite and sit on the couch all day long then yell at them for not working hard.  :)

8.  For so many years I told myself I wasn't nor could ever be, a runner.  I'm stubborn.  Eventually I just had to say, "self, shut the f' up and RUN.  Even if it kills ya. 

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