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Red headed devil......

I swear I love this kid.  I'm not even lying.  But sometimes he's so much like his father that I want to ban them both from the house for a week.  He was EXTRA obnoxious sweet this weekend.  I swear he had too much sugar or something of the sort.  He never shut up once from Friday morning till last night when he finally went to bed.

That's so true.  We really should have considered this when we decided to have children.  Our two could not be more different.  The blazing red head is just like his dad and his brother is just like me.  Loud and obnoxious (Kohl), sweet and quiet (Knight).  :)  LOVE THEM!!!  (I have to say this over and over to myself when the devil child is pulling his pants down when I enter the room and telling me to look at his buttcrack.)

On another note, I ran 7 miles on Saturday!!  Whoop whoop!!  This weekend is 8 miles.  I am no longer fearful.  Bring it on!!


This morning I did a little Insanity cardio/plyo circuit dvd.  Holy shit balls.  I always forget how hard those workouts are.  It was AWESOME though!!  I'm trying to eat really good and exercise like it's a last chance workout before I weigh in tomorrow morning.  I must have looked just like this while doing it:

I'm actually certain I did not look just like this. 

I don't care how I looked.  That Insanity crap is no joke.  I should do that more often.  Now I'm gonna try and drag my ragged ass up to the treadmill for 3 miles before we go cheer on the boys in their Sub-District bball game!  Go Wolves!!!

And speaking of insane.  HOLY WIND!!!  Does anyone else just get pissed off looking out the window at it?  I don't even have to step outside and it makes me angry.  Especially on a day when the sun is shining and it's warm out and you would love to just be outside all day.  Well, you can go outside.  You may end up getting blown 3 miles to the neighbors house…

Throwing it out the window!!!

This last week has been hell on the scale for me.  It's annoying as shit.  I ran 15 miles this week, did an Insanity workout, and yoga.  And still no drop.  Really!!???  LIAR!!!!  :)  I wish it was lying.  Do you ever get the feeling that you should replace the scale that you just bought because you were certain the last one must have been broken cause there was no way in hell you really weighed that much??  I've done that before.  Really, who hasn't.  And if you say you haven't you're either lying, or lying. 

Obviously my kick ass way of eating isn't so kick ass right now.

  So, you're hearing it now.  I'm counting points again and I am going to have Wade hide the scale when he gets back today.  Seriously.  I've become crazy slightly obsessed with weighing myself.  Which makes me grouchy, which then makes me eat crap and it's just a vicious cycle.  I will weigh in ONCE a week and not 14 times a week like I normally do.  It will drive me insan…

Random Ramblings....

Whewww..............This week has been packed full of crap to do and I feel like none of it has gotten accomplished.  Monday was tax work which is almost done and I'm thankful for that.

 Tuesday I went to the big "city".  We're 100 miles from the closest Walmart. Which to some would be horrific but for us it's a blessing.  I took one kid to school and the other to daycare for their Valentine's party.  I was making an entire day of it because that evening the high school had a District bball game close by.  NEVER leave me unattended in the "city" without proper supervision!!  Especially after a weekend of finding fabulous organization ideas on Pinterest.  Ughhh.....that website is bad news for someone that has felt like they have way too much crap in the house or they just need a way to organize that crap.  Needless to say, I have ALOT of projects I can do for the next few weeks.  One will involve numerous pics of my kids that will result in them not…

Name's Kramer.....Not Crocker!!!

99.999999% of my time (when I'm home) is spent here:

  Unfortunately the kitchen.  Not an indoor pool that my husband refuses is considering building me.  :)  Bastard. 

I don't mind cooking.  Fortunately I come from a family that sat down to a meal at least twice a day every day while growing up.  My mom and grandma are excellent cooks so my sisters and I learned how to cook from them.  In fact, every time anyone walks into my grandma's house she's trying to shove food at them.  Maybe that would explain my "athletic/husky" build as a child.  :) 

One of the downfalls privileges of marrying a rancher is that you have get to cook for all the hired men.  I have 4 guys here every day for lunch.  Most days I don't mind it.  Others I would rather stab my eyes out with a fork than find something to make them.  I used to try and please all of their likes/dislikes but now I don't give a fuck.  Granted I don't try and poison them.  But if they don't lik…

Bragging rights!!??

Yep.  I think I deserve at least a partial second of bragging.  I RAN 6 MILES!!!  Without stopping, falling, hurting myself, or puking afterwards.  I met up with Jamie and Tara yesterday for our "long" run of the week.  Not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous to run with a group.  How the hell was I going to stop and pretend to be dying or exhausted when there were other people there.  I'm competitive as hell so I knew that no matter what I would not be stopping along the way.  Even if it killed me.  Which it didn't.  There was no stopping. 

In fact, it was the BEST run ever and I loved it!  We chatted for the first 2 miles and then settled in for the rest.  We turned on the ipods and just cruised along at a wonderful pace.  We did somewhat of a "lap" approach.  Two miles before each turnaround which really was awesome.  When we got to the last "lap" I was feeling great and couldn't believe it had went that fast.  When we got to the last mile w…


Thought I should clarify that!!  I'm bored.  Yeah, we got snow.  Not enough for sledding or snowman making or anything fun like that.  So......I'm bored.  I did a series of random exercises this morning and found myself doing a plank quite a few times.  So, I said...."self, why not randomly plank throughout the day?"  Especially when I'm tempted to snack or browse buy everything on every website I look at!  Needless to say, I might as well stay in plank position the entire day so i don't gain 10 lbs and empty my wallet!!  The kids think are sure I've lost my mind when they come in the kitchen for a snack and I'm on the floor.  Wade will tell me I'm stupid when I suggest he do this with me all day long.  :)

Feel free to join me.  I'll let ya know how many sets of these I do throughout the day.  If my arms aren't too tired for me to type tomorrow.  :)

Are u smarter than a 5th grader???

Possibly.......but I'm not making any promises!! I've been subbing for the last two days for grades 5-6. They have been wonderful!! Much easier than the kindergarten class and more busy work for me than the high school. I really enjoyed it and yet gained much respect for our small town teachers. Responsible for squeezing in numerous subjects in a short day. Truthfully ......if I didn't know the answer I just made up a bunch of bullshit and they believed me. Or at least I think they did. Ha ha.
It also gave me a chance to remember how much I absolutely loved school when I was a kid. Yes I was a geek when I was a kid. Disguised as a tomboy/jock. I never had to study which didn't help me when I got to college cause I really didn't know how to study. Sad. I know.
This was a great break from the monotony that has been my life for the past few weeks. All I have done is get stuff ready to send to the accountant for the two corporations that rule my life. And again...…