Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are u smarter than a 5th grader???

Possibly.......but I'm not making any promises!! I've been subbing for the last two days for grades 5-6. They have been wonderful!! Much easier than the kindergarten class and more busy work for me than the high school. I really enjoyed it and yet gained much respect for our small town teachers. Responsible for squeezing in numerous subjects in a short day. Truthfully ......if I didn't know the answer I just made up a bunch of bullshit and they believed me. Or at least I think they did. Ha ha.
It also gave me a chance to remember how much I absolutely loved school when I was a kid. Yes I was a geek when I was a kid. Disguised as a tomboy/jock. I never had to study which didn't help me when I got to college cause I really didn't know how to study. Sad. I know.
This was a great break from the monotony that has been my life for the past few weeks. All I have done is get stuff ready to send to the accountant for the two corporations that rule my life. And again.......I sadly love this time of year cause I have a degree in accounting and it refreshes my brain every year at this time. GEEK!!!!!
I'm gonna go for a run around town later to clear my geeky head. And try and beat the storm they say is heading our way. Yuck!!


  1. Enjoy your run my geeking math loving friend!! After spending time as a teacher, you deserve it!!

  2. It was nice to get outside and run after subbing for 2 days!!