Monday, February 6, 2012

Bragging rights!!??

Yep.  I think I deserve at least a partial second of bragging.  I RAN 6 MILES!!!  Without stopping, falling, hurting myself, or puking afterwards.  I met up with Jamie and Tara yesterday for our "long" run of the week.  Not gonna lie, I was slightly nervous to run with a group.  How the hell was I going to stop and pretend to be dying or exhausted when there were other people there.  I'm competitive as hell so I knew that no matter what I would not be stopping along the way.  Even if it killed me.  Which it didn't.  There was no stopping. 

In fact, it was the BEST run ever and I loved it!  We chatted for the first 2 miles and then settled in for the rest.  We turned on the ipods and just cruised along at a wonderful pace.  We did somewhat of a "lap" approach.  Two miles before each turnaround which really was awesome.  When we got to the last "lap" I was feeling great and couldn't believe it had went that fast.  When we got to the last mile we gradually started speeding up our pace a little bit.  Then we got to the last 1/2 mile and Jamie all of a sudden started to run faster and faster.  Till we were running faster than I normally run 3 miles in!
sister  I had mixed feelings at this point.  At first I was thinking, "bitch, slow the 'f' down before you kill us".  Then it started to feel wonderful and I was thinking how fast our overall pace was going to improve with that last burst of speed! 

We finished with a great pace and all of us felt like we could have went another 2 mile loop!  That's very encouraging when you're training for a 1/2 marathon.

My original goal when I started running was to be able to run 6 miles.  DONE!!  Guess my new goal is finishing that 1/2 marathon in May.  Whoop Whoop!!!!

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