Friday, February 10, 2012

Name's Kramer.....Not Crocker!!!

99.999999% of my time (when I'm home) is spent here:

  Unfortunately the kitchen.  Not an indoor pool that my husband refuses is considering building me.  :)  Bastard. 

I don't mind cooking.  Fortunately I come from a family that sat down to a meal at least twice a day every day while growing up.  My mom and grandma are excellent cooks so my sisters and I learned how to cook from them.  In fact, every time anyone walks into my grandma's house she's trying to shove food at them.  Maybe that would explain my "athletic/husky" build as a child.  :) 

One of the downfalls privileges of marrying a rancher is that you have get to cook for all the hired men.  I have 4 guys here every day for lunch.  Most days I don't mind it.  Others I would rather stab my eyes out with a fork than find something to make them.  I used to try and please all of their likes/dislikes but now I don't give a fuck.  Granted I don't try and poison them.  But if they don't like it they can go to their own houses and cook for themselves.  They never complain.  Pretty sure they know better.  If they don't want a fork in THIER eye!!

Pretty much I live in the kitchen from the time I wake up until the lunch mess is cleaned up after they leave.  Therefore, my kitchen will someday look more like this:

Pinned Image  A girl can dream.  If I start saving now I can have this kitchen for serving lunch to my 90 year old friends in 60 years. 

New recipe ideas are much appreciated!!  My major problem is that I feel like I cook the same things over and over again.  And I'm sure the guys feel the same way.  Only they won't tell me.  :)

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