Saturday, February 4, 2012


  Thought I should clarify that!!  I'm bored.  Yeah, we got snow.  Not enough for sledding or snowman making or anything fun like that.  So......I'm bored.  I did a series of random exercises this morning and found myself doing a plank quite a few times.  So, I said...."self, why not randomly plank throughout the day?"  Especially when I'm tempted to snack or browse buy everything on every website I look at!  Needless to say, I might as well stay in plank position the entire day so i don't gain 10 lbs and empty my wallet!!  The kids think are sure I've lost my mind when they come in the kitchen for a snack and I'm on the floor.  Wade will tell me I'm stupid when I suggest he do this with me all day long.  :)

Feel free to join me.  I'll let ya know how many sets of these I do throughout the day.  If my arms aren't too tired for me to type tomorrow.  :)

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