Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Ramblings....

Whewww..............This week has been packed full of crap to do and I feel like none of it has gotten accomplished.  Monday was tax work which is almost done and I'm thankful for that.

 Tuesday I went to the big "city".  We're 100 miles from the closest Walmart. Which to some would be horrific but for us it's a blessing.  I took one kid to school and the other to daycare for their Valentine's party.  I was making an entire day of it because that evening the high school had a District bball game close by.  NEVER leave me unattended in the "city" without proper supervision!!  Especially after a weekend of finding fabulous organization ideas on Pinterest.  Ughhh.....that website is bad news for someone that has felt like they have way too much crap in the house or they just need a way to organize that crap.  Needless to say, I have ALOT of projects I can do for the next few weeks.  One will involve numerous pics of my kids that will result in them not smiling and generally being pissed off at mom for shoving a camera in their face.  I did refrain from purchasing paint.  I'm saving that for a weekend when my husband is gone and I can "surprise" him.  Mainly due to the fact that he said we are NOT painting again.  I'm still looking for that other person in the "we" he's talking about.  If I ever find the asshole "we" he's getting an ass kicking for his lack of help!!

Wednesday turned into a "hurry and get some of the projects done day so that your husband doesn't see how much shit you really bought during your 8 hours in the city".   Snuck in a 4 mile run outside which really felt great and washed a million loads of laundry. 

Today is another "get this house in order" day before we have elementary bball practice later.  I tell ya what, if you live anywhere near me one might want to go dumpster diving cause I'm getting rid of shit.  Which to some might not seem like shit.  Either way, it's gone.  Except the really good stuff, it's going on Ebay!!  Really, I'm not gonna throw something out that I could make a buck on.  I'm cheap.  And I might need that money to go buy some more shit!  :) 

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