Monday, February 27, 2012

Red headed devil......

I swear I love this kid.  I'm not even lying.  But sometimes he's so much like his father that I want to ban them both from the house for a week.  He was EXTRA obnoxious sweet this weekend.  I swear he had too much sugar or something of the sort.  He never shut up once from Friday morning till last night when he finally went to bed.

That's so true.  We really should have considered this when we decided to have children.  Our two could not be more different.  The blazing red head is just like his dad and his brother is just like me.  Loud and obnoxious (Kohl), sweet and quiet (Knight).  :)  LOVE THEM!!!  (I have to say this over and over to myself when the devil child is pulling his pants down when I enter the room and telling me to look at his buttcrack.)

On another note, I ran 7 miles on Saturday!!  Whoop whoop!!  This weekend is 8 miles.  I am no longer fearful.  Bring it on!!

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