Saturday, February 18, 2012

Throwing it out the window!!!

Target Weight

This last week has been hell on the scale for me.  It's annoying as shit.  I ran 15 miles this week, did an Insanity workout, and yoga.  And still no drop.  Really!!???  LIAR!!!!  :)  I wish it was lying.  Do you ever get the feeling that you should replace the scale that you just bought because you were certain the last one must have been broken cause there was no way in hell you really weighed that much??  I've done that before.  Really, who hasn't.  And if you say you haven't you're either lying, or lying. 

Obviously my kick ass way of eating isn't so kick ass right now.

  So, you're hearing it now.  I'm counting points again and I am going to have Wade hide the scale when he gets back today.  Seriously.  I've become crazy slightly obsessed with weighing myself.  Which makes me grouchy, which then makes me eat crap and it's just a vicious cycle.  I will weigh in ONCE a week and not 14 times a week like I normally do.  It will drive me insane the first few days I'm sure.  So, if you happen to see me standing on your scale just pretend I'm not there!!  :) 


I don't want to be skinny.  I just want all this muscle I've built up to actually show!!  :)

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