Saturday, March 3, 2012

My week in a nutshell..........

And nutty it was!!  My week started off with a bang.  Wade's head banging on the ground that is.  Monday I'm on the dreadmill and Kohl comes up and says Wade needs me downstairs.  I'm instantly pissed cause I know that once I get off that thing I'll never want to get back on.   I haul my ass downstairs cussing as I go and ask what the hell he wants......  Then I feel somewhat bad because he's sitting in the chair with blood on his face cause he's had a horse fall down with him.  Ooops......  I can instantly tell that he's broken his nose.  No one else will be able to tell, but I can.  I ask him if he wants to go to the doctor cause he's also hurt his wrist and to me it looks broken.  Of course he doesn't want to go to the Dr..  Only wimps go to the doctor.  I head back up to the dreadmill cause I'm annoyed that he won't go to the Dr..  Thirty minutes later here he comes and says he thinks he should go to the clinic.  REALLY????  NO SHIT!!  I was not impressed that he waited till I was dripping sweat to decide he wanted to go.  Pretty sure I even asked if I had time for a shower.  :)  Totally not sympathetic at that point.

Long story short.  Cat scan showed a fractured wrist, fractured nose, and fractured eye socket.  In which none of these are getting fixed cause the nose you can't tell, the eye socket might have been an old injury but we'll wait and see if his vision starts to go, and the wrist could be an old injury cause it's not bothering him much anymore.    While I am thankful that he's not hurting I am still leary about the eye socket and the muscle and tissue that has seaped into his sinus cavity.  I guess time will tell if he will have to get that fixed.  I guess I'll know when he starts to resemble a cyclopse.

It only went downhill from there......
Thursday Kohl comes in the kitchen and tells me I HAVE to come look at something.  I figure it's another of his brilliant corral designs that he's come up with so I tell him to wait a minute.  Five minutes later he comes back and tells me that I REALLY need to look out the window at something.  This is what he was talking about:

Wade's feed sled was on fire across the meadow.  I quickly explained to Kohl that next time if he just yelled "FIRE" it would help me greatly.  :) 

We hauled ass over there and ended up having to call the fire department to come put it out.  We were really lucky that it didn't burn any pasture up because the wind was blowing so hard that day.  Wade was none too happy though.  Shane remined us that bad things happen in 3's so I'm silenty sitting back waiting for the final blow.  My mom was quick to point out that if we were going somewhere that I should NOT let Wade drive.

And to finish off the horrible joyous week, I had to put on a swimming suit yesterday.  NOT FUN!!!!  Well, we did have fun, it just wasn't fun to squeeze myself into a bathing suit.  Jamie and I took Knight, Payton and some friends to the rec center for swimming for their birthdays.  They had a great time and I realized in order to look good in one of those damn things I should step away from the fridge.  :)

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