Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And the award goes toooo................

ME!!! I did it. I finally feel like maybe I could win that Mother Of The Year award.  You know, the one I have failed miserably at for 8 years so far.  I'm really feeling like the last 2 days have earned me that title.  I'm sure I'll do something to f%@& that up soon enough, but for now I'm celebrating my ass off.  I painted Knight's room like I promised him and I do have to say.  It's freakin awesome.  I really love it so much I contemplated painting the whole damn thing camo.  I mean really.  What else do I have to do with my days.  Right??  Wrong!!  It's pretty bad ass though. 

If Knight doesn't like it then I'm going to sleep here.  :)  I love it.  I got the tank for the wall.  Thought it was going to be bigger but it works. 

The helicopter for his ceiling should be here soon!  I had a ton of fun doing this project.  And if he doesn't like it, I'm selling him.  :)

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