Thursday, April 5, 2012

Night terrors.......:(

Our oldest child has ALWAYS been terrified of the dark.  Ever since he was a baby and we'd walk out of a building at night and he'd cry till we got to the car and could turn on a light.  :(  I thought maybe we were getting out of that stage but lately it's getting worse.  To the point where last summer he decided he and his little brother should get bunk beds and share a room.  That's when I knew it was bad.  Who the hell wants to share a room with the red headed devil!!  Lately, Kohl has been falling asleep either in the chair before bed or immediately when his head hits the pillow.  For some reason, this freaks Knight out.  He wants to be the first to fall asleep. 

This week has been particularly bad with the night/dark terrors.  I've tried everything short of sleeping meds to try and get him to sleep soundly.  I feel terrible for him.  He decided last night he should try sleeping in his old room.  It worked for a few hours but this morning he was on our floor sleeping.  When he was 3 I redecorated his room with his favorite cartoon character and he loved it.  Eventually slept great!  So, I figure it's time for the army to take over.  His room is getting a military makeover.  I mean really, what night creatures are going to get past this:

Product Details  What kid wouldn't want an army tank on their wall to protect them?

I also ordered him camo bedding, some army posters, and this badass toy chest.

Product Details  And......I'm going to paint one of his walls camo.  He requested the whole room being camo but I thought that might be a little too much.  :)  I should get him a sign for his door.  Something to keep out "night things".  I'm thinking this would NOT be appropriate.

Funny???  YES!  Appropriate??  NO!!

Wish me luck.  And if anyone has a desire to help paint a wall camo......come on over!!

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