Thursday, July 5, 2012

99 days and counting.....

Just registered for my second 1/2 marathon!  Not gonna lie, the last one almost killed me.  Literally.  I'm being positive about the second one though since it's closer to my neck of the woods and hopefully the humidity won't be stiffling like it was in Lincoln.  This one is also out in the country.  Much more my speed.  Cause while I love visiting Lincoln and being there for Husker games and all that excitement, I was less than impressed with the scenery for the 1/2 there.  And way too many people.  I'm hoping this one is alot smaller.  Either way, it's redemption time.  I just can't be satisfied with my performance the first time around.  I'm going to kick this one's ass.  Or at least not let it kick mine!  :)  And I solemnly swear to remember that it would be a smart choice to carry my inhaler along. 

Although I know most won't really give a shit how I'm doing with my training, I'm going to let you come along with me for the next 99 days and see how I'm progressing.  It will hopefully keep me on track training.  Cause I don't want anyone to think I'm half assing it.  :) 

Here goes nothing!!

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