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Feeling my inner Jordan.....

Michael Jordan that is.  Well......not quite, but as close to it as I can get.  I LOVE BASKETBALL.  Popped into the gym today to watch my sister's Jr. High team.  I really enjoy that group of girls.  I feel partial to them in basketball cause I had them from 3rd-6th grade.  I was sad when they went to Jr. High.  They are going to rock it this year!  It makes me excited to start elementary bball next week.

My high school girls are always asking why I don't coach high school basketball.  It's hard to explain to them that I love it too much and the pressure would kill me.  I mean, if you've ever been to a game you've seen me
 1.  get so excited I have to hide around the corner
 2.  get so mad at the refs I have to hide around the corner so I don't get ejected from the game
        (I'm halfway scared of me as a parent of eventual basketball players)

I blame my love of the game on Coach Petersen.  He had me in the gym from about 2nd grade on.  He convinced me…

I don't like to brag.........

especially about my husband.  :)  But.....he's lost 5 lbs in 6 days!!  While I hate that men lose so much faster than we women folk, I am happy that he's been so serious about it.  I myself am down 1.5 lbs and hoping for 2 by tomorrow.  That will put me on track for 4 by Vegas.  Wade thinks he'll be at 10 by Vegas.  Bastard!! 

I'm decluttering my house today in preparation for the Christmas season.  I randomly just throw away shit that hasn't been used in awhile.  Sometimes I regret this, but mostly it's very freeing.  I prepped myself by watching hoarders earlier this morning.  Nothing gets one motivated to clean more than seeing dog shit and piles of crap filling someone's house. Yuck!  And the bonus is all the calories burnt deep cleaning. 

Crazy coyote!!!

So.....ever since I had surgery, I have terrible insomnia.  Ughhh.....I can't sleep longer than a couple hours and then I'm up for a couple of hours.  It's really annoying as shit cause I NEED my sleep.  I'm not talking sleep all day kind of thing.  I'm talking my normal 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  That's all I ask. 

Well, I was up at 1:00 this morning so I thought I might as well head downstairs and watch some tv.  Turned on the tube and in about 5 minutes the dogs were barking like crazy.  Then I heard a loud BANG!  I thought it was our Mammoth Jack Mule "Hank" that randomly shows up in our yard and basically just has free rein of the place.  That afternoon he'd been on my porch by my kitchen.  I know, so very redneck.  But we love him.  As I was walking by the front door I noticed all 3 dogs had something cornered on the front porch.  I ran upstairs and woke Wade up.  :)  He loves me.

Went downstairs, found a flashlight and the dogs ran…
Describes me perfectly yesterday.  My kids were right on my ass all day claiming they were bored, or just plain trying to annoy me.  It was brutal.  I just wanted to watch the Husker game and shop online with some sort of quiet.  Minus the swear words being thrown at the tv occasionally.  I swear the Huskers are going to be responsible for sending me to an early grave.  Bastards!

So today we're meeting friends and taking the kids to a movie.  At least they'll have to be quiet for an hour and a half.  Or get kicked out of the theater.  In that case they can go to kiddie jail while I enjoy that time of silence.  :) 

In the meantime, they are going to clean up all their toys and do a little vacuuming for their mother.  Ahhhh.....sweet revenge. 

On the diet front.  Things are going as planned.  I didn't gain anything over Thanksgiving.  The wonderful thing about 2 shakes a day!!  I'm right on track for losing those 4 lbs by the time Vegas rolls around.  As for Wade, he…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Let the holiday madness begin!  Today I am thankful for too many things to name.  Here is a short list of things that I could not live without.

1.  My family.  Immediate, extended, honorary.  I love them all and I couldn't get through a day without them.  The boys bring joy (and the occasional need to drink at 9:00 in the morning) to each and every day.  Wade makes me laugh even after 10 years of marriage.  

2.  My home.  I love it here where I don't have neighbors watching everything I do.  Where the boys can go outside and play with no fear of something happening to them.  (Minus the occasional mishap).  :) 

3.  My animals.  My sanity is much better now that I've been riding more since the boys are getting older.  I love my horses. 

4.  My volleyball girls.  Although they drive me nuts at times :), I enjoy that time more than anyone could know.  

5.  My Vi family.  I've made friendships through Visalus that I never would have without it. 

6.  My iPhone and my kind…

90 Days and Counting....

Ok, here's the dealio.......Wade and I have been married for almost 10 years and we've completely let ourselves go. 

Not completely true.  But let's face it, we're not getting any younger!  We both have been walking around eating telling each other how we'd love to lose a few pounds.  Well, talk is cheap, and it's time to act on it! 

Wade has agreed to be my bitch partner in crime for the next 90 days.  We are going to work our asses off (hopefully literally) to get in shape , get healthy, and love ourselves again.  Although how could you not love that bearded face.  Bleck........

No surprise we'll be using the Body by Vi shake mix, hunger control, metaboboosters, etc. to accomplish this.  Why you ask????  BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!!  We drink the shakes every single day and have for months now.  We love the nutrition that is in each one and the amazing way it makes us both feel.  The energy is amazing!  Some say it's another fad to get people to think they c…