Saturday, November 24, 2012

Describes me perfectly yesterday.  My kids were right on my ass all day claiming they were bored, or just plain trying to annoy me.  It was brutal.  I just wanted to watch the Husker game and shop online with some sort of quiet.  Minus the swear words being thrown at the tv occasionally.  I swear the Huskers are going to be responsible for sending me to an early grave.  Bastards!

So today we're meeting friends and taking the kids to a movie.  At least they'll have to be quiet for an hour and a half.  Or get kicked out of the theater.  In that case they can go to kiddie jail while I enjoy that time of silence.  :) 

In the meantime, they are going to clean up all their toys and do a little vacuuming for their mother.  Ahhhh.....sweet revenge. 

On the diet front.  Things are going as planned.  I didn't gain anything over Thanksgiving.  The wonderful thing about 2 shakes a day!!  I'm right on track for losing those 4 lbs by the time Vegas rolls around.  As for Wade, he's being very disciplined.  We'll see how pissed happy I am for his first weeks weight loss in a few days.  Men make me sick. 

I'm ready to get back to hard, sweat your ass off, feel as though you might die, exercise.  I haven't had that for a few weeks now since my gall bladder decided to be a rip.  I NEED that kind of exercise.  Every day if possible.  It makes me a much happier person.  For now though, I'm settling for walking so I can be a part of the Holiday Running Streak.  At least one mile a day from Thanksgiving till New Years.  Hopefully by next week I'll be able to jog a little too.  I miss it. 

Hope everyone has a happy Saturday.  I'm off to watch my children bitch about cleaning up their stuff.  Bahahahahaha..........

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