Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 4 Update.....

Pretty sure I was MIA for week 3.  Not from the diet, just from the blog.  :)  Here is a short version of what I have been up to for the past week or so. 

Swimming lessons for 2 weeks......which meant driving to town every day 22 miles one way.  Fun times.....but the kids won't drown if thrown into a lake so that's a bonus.

Women's ranch rodeo......reunited with some of my best friends for a weekend of roping, tying down steers and branding calves.  So much fun!!

In between all these shenanigans, we are still chasing down our dogs every now and then when they decide to run to the neighbors.  Fuckers are pissing me off.  What really makes me angry is when I go to pick them up and they act all happy to see me.  No regret on their little faces, no remorse, just tail wagging and sloppy kisses like it's my JOB to pick them up from the neighbors.  Which I will continue to keep doing along with googling every possible way to keep them from exploring the world. 

Take Shape for Life Update......down 10 lbs in 4 weeks!  Still love the food, minus a few things that I just won't order next time.  Best thing is.....my mom is joining me!  She just started last Monday and by last Friday she was already down 8 lbs!  Holy craziness!  Shoot me a message if you want any info on this awesome way of getting healthier.  Or just check out my site....  Take Shape For Life

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Runaway Mutts.....

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!   Our dogs keep running all over the damn country.  It's driving me insane.  Here one minute and then gone the next.  I'm blaming them for being MIA from blogging again......hey, I can blame them.  They can't talk back.  Thank goodness for great neighbors.  They saw them running by their place and at least in the right direction to get back home.  It REALLY pisses me off too when I go to get them and they act as if nothing is wrong at all.  Like "hey, there's that stupid human that keeps coming back to pick us up after our amazing adventures".  I'm teaching them a lesson tonight.  I locked them inside the yard fence.  So, unless they can jump over a tall fence, they are SOL.  At least for tonight. 
Other than chasing dogs around, we've just been chasing kiddos the last few days.  The boys had their first Jr. Rodeo weekend.  They didn't break any records, but they had fun and that's what matters right now.  I've mellowed from being "that mom" when my kids are competing, to really not giving a shit if they kick everyone's ass right now.  I mean really.......they aren't trying out for the fucking Olympics at this age.  We had some really good runs and some not so great.  But surprise!!!!......there's another one this weekend and there will be many more throughout their lifetime that they can attend.  lol

In Take Shape for Life news......down 8 lbs!!  I'm so happy with this.  And it's been sooooo easy.  I'm not hungry, and I don't find myself craving the sugar and crap that I did before.  If you want to check it out, head over to my website and see for yourself what the program can do for you!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Funday.....

And Sunday Funday it was.  Wade and the boys were supposed to go fishing today and I was headed to a barrel race.   Rain changed both those plans.  Barrel race cancelled and fishing a no go with lightening and thunder this morning.  I mean, my kids drive me bat shit crazy some days but I didn't want them to be struck down and wind up being fish bait.  Wade, Shane and all the boy kids decided a trip to Cabelas would be fun.  I decided that sitting on the couch watching a movie would be even more fun so that's exactly what I did.  It was like a small piece of heaven for someone that NEVER gets to run the remote or watch a movie that I may or may not have watched more than once.  This afternoon the sun finally decided to shine so I spent the afternoon in the yard.  I'm semi full out crazy about my yard and flower beds.  And while they never seem to look perfect, I do my best when we are home in the summer to get them in tip top shape.  I relinquished control a week ago and allowed the youngest child to mow the lawn.  Yeah.....that will NEVER happen again.  Apparently he had temporary brain fogs and left tiny patches here and there. 
Busy week ahead with the first of our Sandhills Summer Series roping and barrel race.  The kids have their first Jr. Rodeo's this weekend so practice and more practice for that.  I'm planning on getting my ass out of bed early now that it's warming up and getting my runs in then.  If the mosquitos don't eat me alive. 
Update on the first week of Take Shape for Life......Down 6 lbs!!!  Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.  I'm not craving junk food so that is a super bonus.  Cause I can eat a whole pan of brownies like it's my job. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm BACK!!!!

I bet some of you are thinking.....oh great.  lol   I'll be honest, I haven't even been on my blog for almost 2 years.  How does that even happen?  I guess life happens.  Kids get older, activities abound, and you just lose track of time.  And let's be honest.....my life is not exactly reality show material most of the time.  MOST of the time. 
My plan for the blog for awhile is to report on my "progress" in a new eating plan that I have now been on for 5 days.  I debated waiting until I was all done with the program and then revealing my super hot bod, but I thought that would be totally unfair to hide my secrets.  bahahaha........
It's no secret that I've struggled with a little extra fluffiness most of my life.  I was constantly active in high school and most of my college years, so I always just thought I was "big boned".  NO.......I was just a big eater.  lol  I was at my thinnest after having Knight.  I started Weight Watchers Online and did really well with it.  I felt great.  Then came Kohl, and I again lost all but 5 lbs of my "baby weight".  I didn't feel good that time though.  I started getting headaches daily, was tired all the time, and had no spunk.  I started to gain weight.  A few pounds here and there.  Then I started running.  I really thought that would do the trick.  And while I was in the best shape of my life, the weight was still creeping on.  I've now ran 4 half marathons.  And with each bout of training, I gained 5 lbs.  You can do the math.  I've tried everything.  I did the Body by Vi and before this drank a shake every morning for the last 3 years.  I do love their shakes!  I just didn't lose any weight, or if I did I would gain it right back.  I tried Zyngular.....again, nothing.  Thrive.....nothing.....Whole 30.....nothing.  And all the while exercising my ass off.  :)
Awhile ago I started seeing some posts on FB from a friend I went to college with and have known since high school.  She's a Nurse Practitioner and pretty damn smart as far as I can tell.  I did some research, and then some more research.  The program is Take Shape for Life.  Like I said, I'm on day 5 now.  Here is a quick recap of those first few days to get you caught up.

Day 1 - super excited to start, no hunger
Day 2 - started to notice the drop in calories, food so far good tasting
Day 3 - Slow day at home so I felt hungry more out of boredom than anything, seriously debated licking the plates of all the people in my house when I made them fettucine alfredo......but I knew the noodles were not gluten free.... :)
Day 4 - hunger feelings in late afternoon so I added an extra snack
Day 5 - down 5lbs!!  worked outside all day long horseback and no hunger whatsoever 

So far I love it.  I'll be honest......the thought of prepackaged meals was not appealing to me at first.  When I started looking around the website though, I realized that their 5&1 plan could really work for me.  5 meals a day of their food, and 1 a day of my own lean protein and veggies.  And seriously, who doesn't like to eat 6 times a freaking day!!  Shakes, puddings, "ice cream", cereal, brownies, etc.  And they actually taste great.  Bonus!! 
My husband would love to get his sexy back so he is starting next week.  When he told me he wanted to try it, I decided I should just become a coach.  So, head over to my website and check it out for yourself.  www.heatherkramer.tsfl.com
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow for a Day 6 update.  I am fairly forgetful though so don't hold your breath.  Maybe I should shoot for every other day.  :)