Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Funday.....

And Sunday Funday it was.  Wade and the boys were supposed to go fishing today and I was headed to a barrel race.   Rain changed both those plans.  Barrel race cancelled and fishing a no go with lightening and thunder this morning.  I mean, my kids drive me bat shit crazy some days but I didn't want them to be struck down and wind up being fish bait.  Wade, Shane and all the boy kids decided a trip to Cabelas would be fun.  I decided that sitting on the couch watching a movie would be even more fun so that's exactly what I did.  It was like a small piece of heaven for someone that NEVER gets to run the remote or watch a movie that I may or may not have watched more than once.  This afternoon the sun finally decided to shine so I spent the afternoon in the yard.  I'm semi full out crazy about my yard and flower beds.  And while they never seem to look perfect, I do my best when we are home in the summer to get them in tip top shape.  I relinquished control a week ago and allowed the youngest child to mow the lawn.  Yeah.....that will NEVER happen again.  Apparently he had temporary brain fogs and left tiny patches here and there. 
Busy week ahead with the first of our Sandhills Summer Series roping and barrel race.  The kids have their first Jr. Rodeo's this weekend so practice and more practice for that.  I'm planning on getting my ass out of bed early now that it's warming up and getting my runs in then.  If the mosquitos don't eat me alive. 
Update on the first week of Take Shape for Life......Down 6 lbs!!!  Can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.  I'm not craving junk food so that is a super bonus.  Cause I can eat a whole pan of brownies like it's my job. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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